Core Features

A digital hub for all things nutrition, hosting messages between you and your coach, progress photos, calendar touchstones and overall programming. And with our new mobile app, checking in and accessing your plan is easier than ever

Progress Tracking & Analysis

Log & monitor your progress using data such as body weight, measurements, stress levels, energy, hunger & sleep.

Coach Interaction

Our Check-In feature makes it easy for you to submit your weeks data in an easy-to-read format, speeding up the coach review.

Progress Photos

Upload up to 4 photos per check-in to help you and your coach monitor progress. Use our photo comparison tool to compare progress.



Important dates are often connected to nutrition goals – the calendar feature keeps you & your coach aware of upcoming events that might impact your nutrition plan.

MyFitnessPal Import

Seismic provides sync capabilities with the MyFitnessPal app to automatically load your data into Seismic.

Knowledge Base

Expand your nutrition knowledge with our extensive knowledge base.

How it works

Just 3 steps separate you from running the business of your dreams.


Get Certified

Through this Certification Program you’ll become an expert in nutrition science and coaching.


Setup Business Blueprint

In this in-depth outline, we give you a step-by-step guide to starting your business.


Start Coaching Clients

You're now a master teacher and can use your knowledge to help your clients get the results they want!

Seismic App

Seismic is a digital hub for all things nutrition, hosting messages between you and your coach, progress photos, calendar touchstones and overall programming.

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Pay for what you use.

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Individual Plan

$ 160 /month
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Nutrition Coaching & Support
  • Multiple Nutrition Styles
  • Members-only group
  • Online Nutrition Portal
  • Knowledge Base
Get Started
Basic Standard Premium Premium+
Max Clients 5 25 75 150
Message Templates
Referral Program
Health Metrics
Coach Delegation
$65/mo $250/mo $500/mo $800/mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got frequently asked questions. We've got frequent answers.


Seismic is the exclusive platform of the WAG Business Program. The WAG Business Program is for graduates of the WAG Coach Certification who want to take what they have learned and build a side hustle or full-on career in nutrition coaching.

Seismic charges businesses monthly based on their selected tier. Each tier is set up to accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Yes. You will be billed monthly at your selected tier. If you have zero clients and expect to stay there beyond your current month, you should cancel your subscription. You will need to restart your subscription before clients can sign-up again.

With the rollout of the new business subscription tiers, the per client/per month fee model has been deprecated. Once you sign up for the subscription, you cannot switch back.

Yes! You can upgrade your subscription at any time to gain immediate access to the higher tier’s features/client limits. You will be charged a prorated amount of the higher tiers cost to cover the remainder of the month. You will be shown a preview of the charge before making the change.

Yes, you may downgrade your selected tier so long as your current client count does not exceed the client limit of the desired tier. Once selected, the change to the new tier will be scheduled and take effect at your next month's renewal date.

If you are at the limit of your current tier’s client load, but want to take on one more client, you will need to upgrade to the next tier to allow for more clients.

You can find your business’ registration link under the Billing tab of your business dashboard. Your link will look something like

There are two possible reasons new users are being waitlisted upon sign-up.
  1. Your business is at capacity of your current tier’s client load, and a waitlist has been enabled automatically. You will find a red tile on your business dashboard that represents the waitlist. You can click this tile to manage the waitlist further.
  2. Someone is on the waitlist. If you have upgraded your tier (or space opened up due to a client cancellation), then future client sign-ups will be waitlisted so long as someone is currently on the waitlist. You’ll need to send invites to all waitlisted users before new clients can register.

Seismic allows you to mark client accounts as ProBono (aka – FREE), but they must first exist within Seismic. You have two options to sign up a new client as ProBono
  1. They can join using your registration link but before they complete the payment step of the new user intro, you can open the billing tab of their profile and select Offer ProBono. When they log back in to Seismic, they will be able to bypass the billing step.
  2. You can add a new client from the user’s tab and designate them as ProBono.

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