Seismic Features

Seismic’s powerful features help you streamline admin tasks and propel business growth so you can focus on your clients.

Payment Collection

No more managing multiple vendors. Clients enter payment information right into our software and our system does the rest—from automatic payments to finance forecasts.

Check-Ins & Messages

Our automatic scheduling system and upcoming check-in calendar let you easily plan your week and keep your clients accountable. Utilize the Seismic messaging system to keep all client communication in one place.

Business Dashboard & Reports

An all-inclusive glimpse into the health of your business—from cancellation forecasts to average subscription length and value—guides data-backed decisions. Use our survey, waitlist and referral features to collect client feedback, ensure your roster is always full and reward clients for singing your praises.

Customizable Templates

Deliver welcome messages automatically, link to your membership and nutrition resources, and create auto-populated onboarding for your program delivery. Free up time for what is most important—connecting with your clients.

Clear Progress Tracking

Objective and subjective markers are all at your fingertips. You and your clients get access to progress graphs to assess weekly and monthly average changes in weight, measurements, progress pictures, energy, stress, and overall mood.

Developed and Tested by Nutrition Professionals

We developed our software with you in mind, getting feedback from industry professionals along the way.

Build and Scale Your Business

The Seismic Business Program will guide you through utilizing our software, creating an exceptional client experience, and growing your business.

The Blueprint

Upon sign-up, get immediate access to the Business Program Blueprint. This guide walks you through setting up your business and answers any questions you have about the features in your plan.

Business Start-Up Kit

Our Business Start-Up Kit outlines marketing essentials like building a website, pricing your program, social media strategy and more.


Seismic Training

The Seismic training module provides step-by-step tutorials to get you familiar with our software.

Mighty Networks Community

Whether you’re asking client-related questions or need platform tips, our community of Seismic coaches will help you grow your knowledge and build your business.

Get a Free Seismic Trial

Use our nutrition coaching software for 14 days before committing. After your trial expires, decide if you want to continue utilizing the power of Seismic to streamline your business and coach your clients.

During the trial period, we’ll unlock all of Seismic’s powerful features no matter which tier you choose—from surveys to health metrics and reports—so you can try them out for yourself.

Your client capacity will be determined by the tier you choose.

Step 1

Choose Your Tier

Pick from our four plan options based on the number of clients you want to put in our system in your first 14 days

Step 2

Enter Your Information

Put your credit card information on file—you can cancel at any time and won’t be charged until your trial has ended.

Step 3

Coach Your Clients

Explore our nutrition coaching app and use Seismic to scale your business and get your clients the results they want

Seismic Coaching App

We prioritize your clients’ experience. Our robust app allows for transparent billing, comprehensive progress tracking, efficient communication and more.

No additional costs.
Pay for what you use.

Explore our options and choose the plan that best fits your business needs.

Basic Standard Pro Premium Premium+
Max Clients 5 15 25 75 150
Message Templates
Referral Program
Health Metrics
Coach Delegation
$65/mo $185/mo $250/mo $500/mo $800/mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got frequently asked questions. We've got frequent answers.


Seismic charges businesses monthly based on their selected tier. Each tier is set up to accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Yes. You will be billed monthly at your selected tier. If you have zero clients and expect to stay there beyond your current month, you should cancel your subscription. You will need to restart your subscription before clients can sign-up again.

Yes! You can upgrade your subscription at any time to gain immediate access to the higher tier’s features/client limits. You will be charged a prorated amount of the higher tiers cost to cover the remainder of the month. You will be shown a preview of the charge before making the change.

Yes, you may downgrade your selected tier so long as your current client count does not exceed the client limit of the desired tier. Once selected, the change to the new tier will be scheduled and take effect at your next month's renewal date.

If you are at the limit of your current tier’s client load, but want to take on one more client, you will need to upgrade to the next tier to allow for more clients.

You can find your business’ registration link under the Billing tab of your business dashboard. Your link will look something like

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